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Duration:400 Hour
Requirements:Basic Requisites for one aspiring to become a Medical Language Specialist are:- - Good English Comprehension & Grammar - Thirst for learning - Yen for hard work. If one has these qualities, the training program offered by the Azimuth Academy would perfectly mould an aspiring candidate into a sound Medical Transcription Professional.
Students per class:30

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Medical Language Specialists or Medical Transcriptionists are healthcare documentation specialists who understand the complex narration of patient care and are experts in medical transcription standards, formatting and accurate documentation.

Well trained Medical Language Specialists:-

- Comprehend & document diagnostic & treatment processes.
- Recognize the critical necessity for accuracy in the documentation of patient records.
- Know how to apply clinical standards to ensure that health related information is available for clinical decision making at the right time & place.
- Recognize the need for safeguarding patient confidentiality and remaining ethical.
Would you too like to become a Medical Transcription Specialist? Read on!


 E-Learning based Training Methodology.

 Right usage of English Grammar.

 Information on American Trivia.

 Embedded sample reports and formats in lessons.

 Basic lessons on the Human Anatomy, Physiology and Diseases.

 Animation at the end of each chapter to ensure grasp of lessons.

 Interactive presentation to stimulate interest & retain attention.

 Theory specific medical reports (audio) – easy to download, play, and transcribe.

 Glossary of medical terms at the end of each chapter, easy to access anytime - every time!

 Infotainment. Activity based learning, when the going gets boring.

 Quizzes in between the chapters for self-evaluation.

 Exams at the end of each chapter with a final qualifying exam.

 Instant generation of text comparison of transcription with keys, and highlighting of errors.

 Automated grading system of tests & exams coupled with tutor counseling & feedback.

 Free On-the-Job-Training on actual production standards and client specifications for one month at the end of basic training.

 Exposure to Keyboard Kinetics & Ergonomics.

 Access to 24-hour Student Technical Help Desk for clarification & queries.

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