Social Buttons: Google '+1' and Facebook 'Like'

Daniela Tedeschi
Monday 29 August 2011

There are many “social buttons” on the web and they are very popular. CourseForMe has been using for longtime the “share” button from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

They are useful to advertise what we like and what we want to suggest to other users through the most popular social networks.

Recently, Google has introduced the button "+1", which is similar to "Like" from Facebook and it’s a way to say that something is really interesting or that you want to suggest it.

What makes these buttons innovative is that “+1” and “Like” influence the results of the searches made respectively with Google and Bing and so they can increase the number of the applications for the courses published on CourseForMe.

In order to capitalize the advantages, CourseForMe has inserted “+1” and “Like” in the pages of the courses, of the training centres and of the categories. We suggest you to invite your students to click on “+1” and “Like” both on the pages of your courses and on the one of your training centre.

Please, don’t forget “+1” and “Like” on our new blog!

29 September 2011 7:25 PM
AFAICT you've covreed all the bases with this answer!

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